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Brooklyn High Achievers Accept Awards



Councilwoman Letitia James said, “I am a proud mama today”, as she stood in anticipation of the commencement of the 2009 graduating class of Medgar Evers Preparatory High School June 26th.  Two young scholars, Dane Russell and Jeffrey Williams, stood out in their class for their high academic achievement  being named Valedictorian and Salutatorian of the graduating class.
In their reflections of their high school journey, they spoke of their educational growth and how they had to become selective in the choices they made as students involving friendships, to associate with positive people.   Dr. Michael A. Wilshire, principal spoke of these young men as, “dedicated, hardworking, and disciplined” students. Jeffrey Williams, salutatorian coined the expression of his upcoming transition from high school to college life, finding it, “splend-awesome”. Mr. Williams’ winning attitude and self -confidence that he evidentally displayed in high school will stand him in good stead against what life would throw at him.   “High school has been an amazing experience that I can grow from. It helped me to develop in character and attentiveness to my surroundings. I have learned to access resources for opportunities where I can succeed”, said Williams.  Graduating with a 93.62 GPA, Willaims is recognized by the College Board  for having completed Advance Placement courses in Biology, Chemistry, English Language, and Environmental Science. He finds interest in musical performance, debating, drama, and writing. In September 2009 he will be attending New York University on a full scholarship double-majoring in Political Science and English. “I am ready, willing and able”, he says about his career goal to be a litigation lawyer.
Dane Russell, valedictorian graduate was humble in acknowledging high school as “really exciting in preparation for college”. Dane graduated with an outstanding GPA 97.57, was also recognized by the College Board as an AP scholar excelled in AP courses in Physics, Statistics, Calculus, English Language and Biology.  Extra curricular activities Dane dedicated his time to were track and field, table tennis, chess and writing. He served as a member on the National Honors Society. Brown University awaits this phenomenal young man’s arrival, having accepted him  as 1 of 50 applicants from a pool of 1,800. He is accepted into the prestigious Program of Liberal Medical Education (PLME). At the end of this 8 year program Mr. Russell will receive a B.A or B.S degree and an M.D. on his path to an envisioned career as a neurosurgeon.
By Victoria Taylor


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