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It’s Time to Say Her Name

The incidents of African-American women being brutalized or slain is increasing to a point that the rallying cry of “Say Her Name!” can be heard from coast to coast in the United States. The causes of the deaths are questionable. Friday, July 13, 2018, Equality for Flatbush and People’s Power Assembly NYC sponsored the Justice […]readmore

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East New York: We Walk in a Field of Dreams

A place called “home” or “my neighborhood” is comforting to those living there. There in the neighborhood people go to the same schools, shop in the same stores and run in the same playgrounds. However, there are institutions that can disrupt “home” and “my neighborhood.” Due to the racial or ethnic background of neighborhood residents, […]readmore

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After 40 Years, is There a Victor in the “War

The 40-year War on Drugs was examined during the May 24, 2018 BRIC-TV #BHEARD Town Hall. Dubbed “Whose War on Drugs?”, Brian Vines moderated a panel consisting of: Eric Gonzalez, Brooklyn District Attorney; Kassandra Frederique, NYS Director for the Drug Policy Alliance; Chino Hardin, Field Director of the Center for NuLeadership on Urban Solutions; Tom […]readmore


The Black Lady Theater Draws Theatrical Talent

The Black Lady Theater in Crown Heights, Brooklyn continues to unfold like a dahlia flower. Its fragrance wafts to attract artists near and far. Take Sherese Parris, the theater’s first artistic director. Parris—a quintessential American free spirit—traveled from London, England to Brooklyn, USA the summer of 2017. Parris was urged by a colleague to visit […]readmore

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Redlining Blues

Redlining is an illegal practice in real estate. It involves lenders that refuse to lend money or extend credit to borrowers in certain areas of a city. Typically, these areas are home to low-income households and/or the majority of the households are people of color. These communities of color may be low income or households […]readmore