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There Were Five Ballot Proposals On The 2021 General Election

By W. Taharka RobinsonThere were five ballot proposals in the 2021 General Election. Of those five ballot proposals, only two were approved. Ballot proposals like ranked choice voting, can be confusing to voters, due to lack of awareness or lack of information pertaining to the proposal. The proposals listed below were overwhelmingly rejected by voters. […]readmore

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Infrastructure Deal Means Big Bucks for NYC

Help Is on the Way. The American Rescue Plan Is the Law of the Land By Hakeem JeffriesLast week the House of Representatives passed and President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan. The $1.9 trillion legislation will put shots in arms to crush the virus, deliver survival checks to you, get children back in schools, keep people in jobs and help our small businesses stay open. The American Rescue […]readmore


Cop26: world leaders agree on deal to end deforestation

Patrick Greenfield, Jonathan Watts, Phoebe Weston and Fiona HarveyThe Guardian.comWorld leaders have agreed a deal that aims to halt and reverse global deforestation over the next decade as part of a multibillion-dollar package to tackle human-caused greenhouse gas emissions.Xi Jinping, Jair Bolsonaro and Joe Biden are among the leaders who will commit to the declaration […]readmore


The Broadway Premiere of Trouble in Mind Starring LaChanze

Roundabout Theatre Company (Todd Haimes, Artistic Director/CEO) is pleased to share a first look portrait of the cast of the Broadway premiere of Trouble in Mind by Alice Childress. Starring Tony & Emmy Award-winner LaChanze and directed by Charles Randolph-Wright.The photo was shot on stage at the American Airlines Theatre (227 West 42nd Street) where the […]readmore

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NAACP Issues Letter Discouraging Athletes From Signing With Texas-Based Teams

by Brian Good diversityinc.comThe NAACP is fighting back against racist, transphobic and anti-woman legislation recently passed in Texas by issuing a letter encouraging players in five different professional sports to avoid signing with teams based in the state. ESPN’s Sarah Barshop reported that “in a two-page letter signed by NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson […]readmore

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Eric Adams Elected Mayor of NYC

“Tonight Is Not Just a Victory Over Adversity,It Is a Vindication of Faith” By Maitefa AngazaThe second Black mayor in New York City history was swept into office on a landslide Tuesday night, with Associated Press calling the victory less than 20 minutes after the polls closed. Just a few minutes later came the announcements […]readmore