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Brother Kazembe Speaks on Working for Unity

OTP:  What is the Universal Nubian Association. Brother Kazembe: The Universal Nubian Association is a loose network of Pan-Africanists and African Nationalists.  Young adults based mostly in New York City. OTP:  What groups are involved and what is it that you do? BK: Our primary focus is promoting nationalism and Garveyism in particular.  We work […]readmore

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Breaking New Ground

We appear to be in a golden age of African-American small business development.  The number of black businesses is rising sharply-more than 46% in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s-and the sophistication of the efforts is accelerating as well.  In the past, it was common to see firms launched with little more than a good […]readmore

City Politics


OTP:  The recent primary election only had about 15% of the electorate coming out.  What’s going on and how can we change it? Charles Barron:  Number one, I think that a lot of voters feel they don’t have a reason to vote. They’ve been lied to so much by elected officials that there is a […]readmore

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African New Leadership Leads the Way

One of the most important processes in African history is happening right now, and by nation standards it is happening at breakneck speed.  It is of such a magnitude and scope, that it has the potential, if assisted by changes in the New York City school curriculum, to change the thinking and the lives of […]readmore

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Shining Thread of Hope

During February and March, students seek subjects for essay assignments centering on black leaders and female role models.   They are encouraged to focus on the familiar, extraordinary heroes and heroines.   Yet, the happenings in the circle of our own daily lives, outside the realm of history books, inform us of many more pacesetters who should […]readmore



I looked forward to attending the NYU-sponsored Queens, Queen Mothers, Priestesses and Power symposium at the Schomburg Center in Harlem.  I paid the fees and registered. By the attendance, it was apparent that others were interested, too. As Dr. Howard Dotson proudly welcomed the audience, I looked around at the packed auditorium and saw gracious […]readmore

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David Mark Greaves When a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?  A tree fell across Black America in Geneva, Switzerland in April, and African Americans in the States would not have heard it were it not for the relentless ten year effort of […]readmore

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The Soul of Society

Even the casual observer of local and global events would have to admit that these are strange times.  In rapid succession, a new event or devastation draws the attention of the world, replacing a previous calamity just fading from the scene. The Cold War is over and many countries are turning to democracy and taking […]readmore