A Field of Dreams in Bed-Stuy

Bed-Stuy Little League predicts exciting season

The first warm day of spring last week brought out droves of people to Von King Park’s playgrounds, benches and grassy areas, but the center of attraction was the Little League Field, where the Inner City Sports Little League had a Minor Division game between the Diamondbacks and the Giants. Here, parents and elder relatives gathered an all-volunteer effort to support one of Central Brooklyn’s most successful programs. “Several hundred kids play in the Little League mainly from Bed-Stuy, but also kids from Brownsville, Bushwick and Fort Greene,” said Minor Division Commissioner Zabrina Adams. “The kids encourage one another and everyone pitches in.” The Little League is open to both boys and girls from 4-15, with the younger kids starting with T-ball before graduating to the Minor Division for kids 8-10 and the Major Leagues for kids 11-13. The league also fields an all-star team, which in the past were District 25 champs across the borough. Additionally, the league is part of the National Little League, meaning its all-star team has a chance to make the annual International Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Games are played Monday through Saturday at both the Von King Park Little League Field and at PS 309 on Madison Street between Ralph and Patchen Avenues.

Commissioner Adams

Adams, whose day job is being an accounts receivable manager, said it costs about $63,000 a year to run the league. It’s a $110 registration fee with discounts for parents that have multiple kids, she said. Participating kids get uniforms, caps, practice, coaching, game time and the social activities surrounding the league such as picnics and awards events. Sponsors include local businesses such as the Super Foodtown in Restoration Plaza on Fulton Street. Adams, whose son Tyler plays in the Minor Division, said the games are six innings or an hour and a half, whichever comes first. Pitchers are allowed to only throw 75 pitches a game. The Diamondbacks wound up beating the Giants 7-2. Adams refused to single out any star players in the game. “All the kids are stars,” she said. For more information on joining the league or to volunteer call (718) 595-2032 or e-mail icslittleleague@aol.com

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