Day: March 6, 2021

National News

Democracy’s Next Battleground

Michael WaldmanThe Brennan CenterLater this year, states will begin the process of redrawing their congressional maps. It’s the same fraught and abuse-prone process that happens every 10 years after the census count is finalized. But in a new report released last week, Michael Li shows that the next round of redistricting in 2021 and 2022 will be […]readmore

National News

Voter Suppression is also a Public Health Crisis

By Samantha Derrick |www.dailycal.orgAs in recent election cycles, the 2020 election saw numerous reports of widespread voter suppression, both blatant and subtle, across the United States. Although voter suppression is a pervasive issue — and one that’s been ongoing for centuries — it remains difficult to quantify exactly how many voters may have been intentionally blocked […]readmore

National News

New Form of Jim Crow Emerging as GOP Attacks Voting

The Republican-led House in Georgia has passed a sweeping bill to make it harder to vote, in a move aimed to prevent Democrats from winning future elections. The bill limits access to absentee ballots, limits weekend early voting hours and curbs ballot drop boxes, among other provisions. Across the U.S., Republican lawmakers have introduced more […]readmore