Day: February 4, 2021

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Saving America 2021

View From Hereby David Mark GreavesBlack History month 2021 should be a celebration of how African Americans has saved this country yet again. What the insurrection in the Capitol has shown, along with their enablers in congress and the ascent of the racist, antisemitic, deranged conspirator Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene in the Republican party is […]readmore

Black History

The Jim Crow Era: A Solemn Roll Call Of Those

by Stephen Witt Kings County Politics February 24, 2020Editor’s Note: As a Jew, I was taught to forgive about the holocaust that took some 6 million Jewish lives during World War II, but to never forget. Thus, we as a people, have museums and often show graphic and horrific photos of this inhumane time least we forget.Now […]readmore

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Should You Worry About COVID-19 Mutations?

By Glenn Ellis( – The newest mutations of the COIVD-19 showing up in the United States will bring with it, over the next three or four weeks, the most difficult days of the pandemic we have seen so far. Studies in laboratories show that a mutation makes a person’s antibodies less effective at killing the virus. Viral […]readmore

Black History

Shirley Chisholm & the Congressional Black Caucus

Shirley Chisholm was a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus in 1971. A Footnote in HistoryChisholm was assigned to the House Agriculture Committee. Given her urban district, she felt the placement was irrelevant to her constituents. When Chisholm confided to Rebbe Menachem M. Schneerson that she was upset and insulted by her assignment, Schneerson […]readmore

Community News

At Restoration, Young Leaders are Prepared to Lead, Empowered for

Since its inception in 1967, Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation (Restoration) has created meaningful, life-enriching programs for thousands of young people. Colvin Grannum, Restoration president and CEO told Our Time Press,”Restoration seeks to disrupt and close the racial wealth gap. Our programming supports young people entering and graduating from academic and occupational programs that position them […]readmore

What's Going On

What’s Going On

This week WGO is going light in honor of the onset of BLACK HISTORY MONTH. Column content focuses on news through the lens of Black Americana in politics, arts and culture.Upcoming WGO items for February will include: Governor Cuomo’s undercounting of COVID19 fatality stats at nursing homes during the 2020 surge (which is currently on […]readmore

Black History

Fighting to Save Underground Railroad Site/Ode to Joy

The City this week officially landmarked a pre-Civil War building at 227 Duffield Street in Downtown Brooklyn — hub for abolitionist activity during the early 19th century due to its proximity to the waterfront and its then large population of African Americans. The house is noted for its ties to abolitionists Thomas and Harriett Truesdell, […]readmore

Black History

The Faint Praise for Cicely Tyson

By Armond The late Cicely Tyson is getting the Chadwick Boseman treatment. Mainstream media bow to her memory with overstated obits and one piddling night of two films on Turner Classic Movies. All this, pretending to respect the artistry of her 60-year-plus career, simply in order to make Tyson an exemplar of Black Lives […]readmore