Day: October 29, 2020


Saint of a New Generation

The artist Michael Saint-Claire Bush is not easily categorized. His actions, thoughts and style blend Generation Y and Z identifiers. He could be deemed, in fact, a member of the YZ Generation, a term that suggests blended lines.He’s shattered a couple of barriers, already, nearing his mid-twenties. Getting his unique and heralded artwork on the […]readmore


Black Athletes: Black Lives Matter

The purpose of sports is to bring people together, which is an admirable endeavor. Naysayers who say, “There shouldn’t be politics in my sports” fail to realize that it is athletes, specifically Black athletes, who have the ability through their broad influence, especially with young people, to correct the racial biases and dogmas that have […]readmore

City Politics

Politics/The Next Generation

The explosion of young Black and Latino incumbents in American politics began with the ascent of Bronx, NY native, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, aka AOC 31, who dramatically defeated 10-term Congressman Joe Crowley in 2018. The youngest member of Congress, AOC claims Latino, Black and Jewish heritage. Her voting record is progressive and socialist, sensitive to […]readmore

National News

An Observer Participant Speaks

Barry L MasonArtist/Photographer My Our Time Press assignment was to photograph lines at a polling site in Westchester. I arrived at City Hall in Mt. Vernon on Sunday (25) at 11:00am, and it was a phenomenal sight to behold. I got an up close look at what was going on around the country: Americans standing […]readmore


Attorney Lola Waterman Speaks on… The Will

A Last Will and Testament has roots buried deep in ancient Greece, Rome, the Church and English law. In ancient Greece, the concept of a Last Will and Testament (“will”) was a means of dispossessing of a person’s estate solely to his or her family members.Over the years, and more specifically, in the United States, […]readmore

News around the Web What's Going On

What’s Going On

AUTUMN IN AMERICA: 11/3Are Americans better off today than they were four years ago? No! Four years ago, we had a White House occupant Barack Obama, a democrat, who understood the clout, dignity and symbolic power of the office. Today, we have Donald Trump, an autocrat, dismissive of the rule of law, a bully unable […]readmore

National News

For Some, The Vote is a Vow to the Ancestors

This past weekend, Friday to Saturday, one-fifth of the nation cast early in-person votes at polling sites around the nation. It was a bright light amidst the dark and devastating statistics of COVID deaths, poverty lines, mothers dropping out of the workforce, high unemployment, overcrowded hospitals, and rising crime.They say a crisis forces rethinking and […]readmore

Black History

The Fight for Justice Continues

Last week, OTP presented the first part of a conversation with activist William Omowale Clay, spokesperson for the December 12th Movement.  That conversation centered on the issues Black people face today, and the importance of Black Solidarity. It continues next month.  Omowale also spoke on leadership in the example of the late Dr. Carlos Russell, founder of Black Solidarity […]readmore