Day: October 15, 2020

National News

Record Turnout as Americans Endure Long Waits to Vote Early

A ‘pretty staggering’ 14 million Americans have already voted in the general election, according to an analysis Kenya Evelyn www.theguardian.comAs voters turn out in record numbers to choose between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, Americans continued to endure hours-long waits to vote early. A record of 14 million Americans have already voted in […]readmore

Estate Planning

Attorney Lola Waterman Speaks on …

The Power of Attorney (POA) “At Last” was not only one of the signature songs of the legendary Etta James, but it was, and continues to be, one of the most played wedding entrance songs of all time. Other powerhouse hits that contributed to Ms. James’ success include, “Sunday Kind of Love,” “Tell Mama,” and […]readmore

National News

Count’s Down …

Judge Sotomayer: Lone Dissenter in Supreme Court Orderto End Census Count Today On Tuesday, the Supreme Court approved the Justice Department’s emergency request to suspend a lower court’s order to extend the 2020 census count.The ruling clears the way for President Trump to try to alter the count while in office by excluding unauthorized immigrants […]readmore


Artist Dr. Lorenzo Pace Honored

Brooklyn resident Dr. Lorenzo Pace, educator, artist, author, will be celebrated on October 24 at the 20th Anniversary of the installation of the “Triumph of the Human Spirit” monument located in Thomas Paine Park at Foley Square, New York City. Pace’s  historic 50-foot granite installation, symbolizing freedom and endurance,  honors the estimated 20,000 enslaved  men, women […]readmore


Another Milestone for the Brownstoners

By Bernice Elizabeth Green Over the past 40 years, the Brownstoners of Bedford-Stuyvesant have opened the doors of neighborhood homes to thousands of visitors through the annual Bedford-Stuyvesant House Tour – arguably New York State’s most beloved and sought-after tour of its kind. The event raises awareness of homeownership and neighborhood history, and funds for […]readmore

Thinker's Notebook

Why You Should Stay Away From Borough Park

Thinker’s NotebookMarlon Rice People in my neighborhood are pretty responsible when it comes to Covid.Walking along Greene Avenue or down Lafayette Avenue, you come across people who are mostly masked. Many of those who aren’t will don their mask as they pass you. Lines to enter coffee shops are queued up in a responsible manner. […]readmore

What's Going On

What’s Going On

THE VOTE/11/3Is America in its final days or on the cusp of a new stage of enlightenment? The opening line in the Charles Dickens’ 1859 historical novel, A TALE OF TWO CITIES reads, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” an appropriate description of America today. The 11/3 election is […]readmore

Community News


Brooklyn Historical Society and Brooklyn Public Library Combine and Unify Resources, Archives to form New Home   Brooklyn Public Library’s (BPL) President and CEO, Linda E. Johnson, and Brooklyn Historical Society’s (BHS) former President, Deborah Schwartz, announced today that the institutions have been combined, creating BPL’s Center for Brooklyn History (CBH), which will be home to the most expansive collection […]readmore