Day: September 11, 2020

Black History

15 Black Military Heroes Through the Years

By Lynette Holloway,  First Casualty of the American RevolutionCrispus Attucks: The former slave was the first casualty of the American Revolutionary War when he was killed during the Boston Massacre. In 1888 the Crispus Attucks monument was unveiled in the Boston Common. First Black MinutemanLemuel Haynes: He served as a minuteman during the American Revolutionary War, fighting […]readmore

National News

Our Time Press Q & A with Michael Hardy

General Counsel, National Action Network Part II of II“… the history of America is based in their oppression of black people …” OUR TIME PRESS: When Rev. Sharpton said, doors had to be opened (at the August 28 Commitment March in Washington, D.C. What doors need to be opened, and who open them? Michael Hardy: […]readmore

Black History

Our Time Press Q&A With Chip Jones

Author, “The Organ Thieves” It’s been over 40 years since the controversial death of a Virginia man named Bruce Tucker. In 1968, the Black man sustained a head injury and went to Virginia’s top research hospital to be treated. Tucker slipped into a coma, his family was never contacted, and his heart ended up in […]readmore

What's Going On

What’s Going On

AUTUMN IN AMERICA 2020November 3 is US general election day when the electorate decides if America is “to be or not to be’ a great democracy, still working towards that more perfect union. Yeah, 54 days from September 10. Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden and his VEEP nominee Kamala Harris hit the campaign trail, disseminating […]readmore

Thinker's Notebook

Summer Youth Employment Matters

On October 26, 2019, Isaiah, then 17, and his brother were leaving a party in Staten Island. As they stepped out of the house, they were approached by two police officers. The officers frisked Isaiah and his brother and handcuffed them, even though they weren’t found to have any contraband on them and they hadn’t […]readmore

View From Here

Who Will Speak Truth to Power?

At the center of his psyche, Donald Trump understands he is a natural born loser in disguise and his rage at having it exposed is dangerous to all of us.Never, ever, have I heard people in combat, friend or foe, referred to as “suckers” and “losers,” and yet, that’s what President Trump is reported to […]readmore

Black History

We Call Them Heroes:

Black Military Fought on Battlegrounds, Here and Over There They served this country, too: In every war fought by or within the United States, African Americans participated, including the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican–American War, the Civil War, the Spanish–American War, the World Wars, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf […]readmore