Day: August 6, 2020

Black History

Facts about Dr. Carlos E. Russell

TRAILBLAZERWhile serving as the Panamanian Ambassador for the United Nations, Dr. Russell, inspired by Douglas Turner Ward’s fictional play “Day of Absence” in which a small town in the South is suddenly devoid of its Black population and is crippled by their absence, established Black Solidarity Day (BSD) in 1969. BSD is held annually on […]readmore

Black History

What is Black August and how is it Different than

By Harmeet Kaur, CNN What is Black August and how is it different than Black History Month?Activists and social justice organizations are celebrating the history of Black resistance this month in what’s known as Black August.This year’s commemoration follows months of ongoing nationwide protests over systemic racism and the killings of Black people at the […]readmore

Thinker's Notebook

One School of Thought

Summer is winding down, and the school season is upon us. If this was a normal year, we’d be talking about back to school sales and children enjoying the end of yet another innocent summer. Except this isn’t just any year. This is 2020, and nothing at all is normal about it.Our children have been […]readmore

What's Going On

What’s Going On

America today is akin to being wide awake in an unending nightmare. There is a plague, coronavirus which has claimed the lives of more than 150,000 Americans. At least 41 million Americans are unemployed. The GOP US Senators are tone deaf to the nation’s myriad economic/public health realities. Headlines like “Families across the country cannot […]readmore

View From Here

The Struggle Continues in Black August

View From HereBy David Mark Greaves Black August is more than a second Black History Month. It commemorates and celebrates the freedom-fighting spirit of those who were, and are, at the tip of the spear in the struggle for liberation. Whether it was Gabriel Prosser’s Rebellion, August 30, 1800, Nat Turner’s Rebellion, August 21, 1831, […]readmore