Day: May 7, 2020

At Home


to My Beloved Sister: Barbara Allimadiby Milton Allimadi, Publisher, Black Star News  Many people who know my sister Barbara Allimadi who passed away on Monday night in Uganda, will remember her as a tireless and fearless fighter for justice, human rights, and democracy. She’s being referred to on social media postings as a “lioness” by […]readmore

What's Going On

What’s Going On

COVID-19 The worldwide total of COVID-19 infections through May 4th is 3, 483, 055, with 251,537 deaths. For the same period in the United States, there were 1.2 million cases of COVID-19 with 68,843 deaths. New York State COVID-19 infections totaled 324, 357 cases, with 24,788 deaths, including NYC stats of 181,034 cases, with 18,580 […]readmore

National News

Financial Inequality Highlighted by Pandemic

New York (CNN Business) AmericaAmerica has an inequality problem and the coronavirus crisis is making it worse.The pandemic is leaving few people untouched, but America’s weakest demographic groups are shouldering the worst burden through job losses and front-line work, against a backdrop of a higher risk of infections and lower savings. The average black and […]readmore

Community News

BP Adams Convenes Bereavement Task Force

Addresses City’s Overwhelmed “Death Care System” On Monday, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams convened funeral home directors, faith leaders, morgue operators, cemeteries, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME), and other stakeholders for a Bereavement Task Force call on the Zoom platform as the city continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.To date, it is estimated […]readmore

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City, Nation and World Hunger for Born Leaders:

During this COVID-19 pandemic, as politicians scramble and scientists shake their heads, the public is waiting, hungry for food and more. In the top photo, Protein food stores are becoming increasingly scarce; the national food supply chain is collapsing; lines are getting longer for food distribution. But they are also hungry for strong leadership and […]readmore