Day: April 29, 2019

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Ta-Nehisi Coates, Sir Hilary Beckles, Headline Tribute to Don Rojas

By Herb Boyd                               For most of his adult life, Don Rojas has been a revolutionary freedom fighter for justice and equality. That spirit remains undaunted as he wages a battle against multiple myeloma, an aggressive form of bone cancer.  His treatment includes chemotherapy, infusions of steroids and bone marrow transplants.         Not only is […]readmore

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NEW YORK CITY:   MEMO to Columbia University President Lee Bollinger:  I was shocked when I read the stories about Columbia University Black American senior Alexander McNab, a victim of racial profiling at a Columbia campus on April 11.   Media reported that he got a few “Hello Sirs” from public safety officers, which he ignored.  Similar […]readmore

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Thinker’s Notebook

  By Marlon Rice Why Magnolia?             I want to tell you the story of my two grandmothers.               My maternal grandmother was Mary Elizabeth Morgan. She was a barely educated woman from Portsmouth, Virginia that migrated to the North with dreams of a better life in the big city. She worked odd jobs, […]readmore

Community News

Serenity on Tompkins

                The last decade has seen a robust period of growth and development for the Tompkins Avenue Corridor. Once an underserved strip anchored by liquor stores and abandoned storefronts, Tompkins Avenue has become a vibrant reflection of the community that the corridor serves: diverse, social, eclectic. So then, it doesn’t come as much […]readmore


 Jets/Giants Mock Draft 2019

                                                               By Eddie Castro   Tonight, many young college football stars will see their dreams of becoming a professional football player come true as many student-athletes will either make the trip to Nashville, Tennessee or stay at home with readmore