Day: March 14, 2019

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Saturday, March 16th   Sweet Honey in the Rock 45th Anniversary Concert Symphony Space, 2537 Broadway, Manhattan, 8-10pm, tickets start at $38. Sweet Honey in the Rock remains among the most vibrant, versatile and ever-relevant musical collectives in music today. The iconic group currently consists of members Carol Maillard, Louise Robinson, Nitanju Bolade Casel, Aisha […]readmore

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  By Eddie Castro By now, it has been well-documented on just how long and bad the New York Giants regular season was after having just won 5 games and 3 the year before. Although the team did not have crazy money to spend in free agency this year, the thought for Giants fans is […]readmore

Arts-Theater Community News

#BHEARD Town Hall: Economic Inequality

By Akosua K. Albritton The #BHEARD Town Hall is the space where Brooklyn residents of all ages, local leaders, social scientists, advocates and the elected convene to discuss crucial issues of our time. As the name implies, it is a space for Brooklyn residents to exercise their agency by airing concerns, questions and offering ideas […]readmore

City Politics

Trump Signs Seawall Bill into Law

Congressman Max Rose (D-South Brooklyn, Staten Island) applauded President Donald Trump’s signing into law the Natural Resources Management Act, which includes Rose’s legislation to provide a long-term easement of federal lands allowing construction and maintenance for the East Shore Seawall on Staten Island. Funding for construction of the East Shore Seawall has already been appropriated and […]readmore

featured World News

Implications of Sea Level Rise

Climate Change Flood, drought, fire, famine and pestilence. These are some of the consequences of the changing world climate. And they are not distant happenings, they are here now and will only become more fearsome with each passing year, and more and more horrifying with each passing decade.  Last week, we spoke with Dr. Jason […]readmore