Day: February 21, 2019

What's Going On


NEW YORK, NEW YORK NYC residents and media are still confounded by the loss of its AMAZON suitor and 25,000 jobs. Governor Cuomo is livid, but his remarks are measured. Hizzoner de Blasio maligns Amazon and its duplicity. Fingers of victory or blame are being pointed in many directions, none where they really belong, at […]readmore

Thinker's Notebook

A Joyful Noise, A Quiet Place

The New York State of Black, Puerto Rican and Asian Legislators 48th Annual Conference took place in Albany this past weekend. Lawmakers, business owners and community leaders statewide converged onto Albany to discuss the various issues that affect us both as individual towns and districts, and as a collective statewide body. Downtown Albany was abuzz […]readmore

Community News

Climate Change, Equity and Justice

Generational Wealth The Caucus Panel on Generational Wealth was not about jobs, it centered on the need to have an equity stake in production, that is to own and build businesses. The obstacles to this range from childhood trauma, attitudes in the home about money; “it’s not what you earn, it’s what you save,” and […]readmore


I Want a Public School: “How Hard Are You Really

Recently there was another of those interesting Facebook ‘challenges’ titled: “How Hard Did Aging Hit You?” (Give those creative Facebook algorithmicteers credit for their ability to keep coming up with ideas to get eyeballs to platform!) For my discriminating eyeballs, I always preferred the ‘matured’ photos; I also rejected the premise, and the I suspect […]readmore


  Dodging the Padre

The primary goal for Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman was to display a much-improved winning product to take the field for 2019 that will be good enough to dethrone the rival and reigning World Champion Boston Red Sox. The Yankees have been quite active in free agency this winter by re-signing players like their ace […]readmore