Day: January 17, 2019

What's Going On


NEW YORK, NEW YORK NY Attorney General Letitia James has been upbeat this week. There was the passage of voting reform bills in the NYS Legislature re: early voting, same-day voter registration this week. And the federal judge who blocked the Trump Administration’s Commerce Department mandate to question a person’s citizenship in the 2020 Census […]readmore

Thinker's Notebook

Where There is Smoke…

Thinker’s Notebook When I was younger Brooklyn used to have weed spots, actual storefronts that sold weed. Some of these “spots” were running businesses that happened to sell weed, but then you always had a few storefronts that you knew as soon as you walked in that they don’t sell anything else but ganja. They’d […]readmore

Community News

Black Lives Matter Bill Watch List

2019 Legislative Session For the first time in a decade, New York has a Democratic Majority in the Senate and Assembly. The time is NOW to erase Jim Crow in New York by passing legislation that shows the world that Black Lives Matter in New York. Legislation such as the Black History Education Bill and the 911 Anti-Discrimination […]readmore

World News

The Weapon of US Economic Sanctions and the Situation in

“The difference between the situation in the U.S. and in Zimbabwe is that in the U.S. some of those affected have the “safety net” that they will eventually get back pay. In Zimbabwe, there is an entire country for which there is no safety net at all.” by Amadi Ajamu The United States’ economic sanctions […]readmore

Calendar Events

Community Calendar

Saturday, January 19th Music Now! Scholes Street Studio, 375 Lorimer St., 7-11PM, $20. Brooklyn’s own Ras Moshe Burnett will play tenor sax and reeds on this bill, which includes veteran drummer Warren Smith, bassist Hill Greene, bassist Salim Washington, percussionist Lisette Santiago and others. Sunday, January 20th Cultural Caravan Celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. […]readmore