Day: November 30, 2018

News around the Web

15 Major US Climate Change Effects

By Jen Christensen, CNN The average global temperature is much higher and rising more rapidly than “anything modern civilization has experienced,” according to David Easterling, one of the authors of a new US government report that delivers a dire warning about our future. Thousands more could die, food will be scarcer, and the US economy […]readmore

What's Going On


ELECTION 2018 The Mississippi US Senate runoff evoked many of America’s ugly memories of race and access to the ballot.  The state is 38% African-American, the largest Black citizenry in the US republic. Senate contenders are Mike Espy, an African-American  Democrat and former US Secretary of Agriculture, and Cindy Hyde-Smith, a white Republican with lots of […]readmore


On Education

PART TWO: Choose Strategically-Sound over Sexy-Sounding Plans to Help Struggling Schools Succeed  “There has never been a time in the life of the American public school when we have not known all that we needed in order to teach all those whom we choose to teach.”—Ronald Edmunds Half-baked and halfhearted school improvement efforts won’t work […]readmore


The Winter Meetings-Yankees/Mets 2018

Baseball’s winter meetings begin next month and both the Mets and Yankees are expected to make a splash come free agency. The meetings are scheduled for December 10-14 in Las Vegas in which Major League Baseball organizations convene to discuss potential trades and transactions (free agents). For the New York Mets, it was yet another […]readmore