Day: November 1, 2018

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NYS Attorney General Candidate Tish James Brooklynites have the opportunity to elect one of our own, Letitia James, to be the next Attorney General of New York State. Tish has proven herself time and time again as a fighter for the weak and the powerless.  She has given them voice and used the courts to […]readmore

Community News

Words of Wisdom for these Unfathomable Days

As many have been left without words for the current climate of exclusion, hatred and violence, Our Time Press turned to a few Brooklyn religious leaders and a retired elected official for comments. Here’s what they had to share with readers about these times and about the important information we need to know about the […]readmore

City Politics

Vote Tuesday, November 6, 2018! Citizens Union, a government watchdog group founded in 1897, has studied the candidates and proposals that are on the ballot. Below is their endorsement for NYS Attorney General, and an analysis of the proposals that you may have missed but that could change your life. NEW YORK STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL […]readmore

What's Going On


November 6 is the critical day that will change America’s fortunes. It is no secret that I want to see the Democratic majority rule in the federal government to restore some balance to an errant government that is out of control and on its decline. The 10/30 NY Daily News Editorial Board digressed from tradition […]readmore

Thinker's Notebook

What Hate Produces

My church home is Brown Memorial Baptist Church in Clinton Hill. I’ve been attending services there off and on for the last 15 years. This past Sunday, my wife and I did what we do on most Sundays. We dropped my daughter to my mother’s house and we went to church. This wasn’t like most […]readmore

Community News

A Smith Family Legacy of Voting Remembered

By Bonnyclaire Smith Stewart My paternal grandfather, Jesse Alfonzo Smith (1889-1975), was born in Buford, S.C. and enrolled at Tuskegee University in 1897. His excelled ability placed him as a sophomore and graduated in the Class of 1900, having studied under Professors George Washington Carver and Booker T. Washington. He remained in Alabama, first working in the Flat Creek Coal […]readmore


Dethroning the Rivals

The 2018 Major League Baseball season has come to an end. It has been nearly three weeks since the Yankees were eliminated from the postseason by their rival Boston Red Sox. Fast-forward to three weeks later, the Red Sox defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers to capture their fourth World Series title in the past 14 […]readmore