Day: October 26, 2018

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At this point I think we know the country is in dire straits, and Donald Trump has set the nation on this dangerous course. He speaks only for his hardcore supporters cheering at rallies, confirming what they knew to be true all along: that being white is supreme. And, also confirming they are threatened by […]readmore

What's Going On


USA/MIDTERMS Cannot remember an American midterm election season like this one; hopefully, the year that will turn things around.    The Republican Party controls the Congress, the White House and the US Supreme Court, but does very little for the American majority.  Two years into the administration of Donald Trump, the nation can boast a 15% […]readmore

Thinker's Notebook

We already knew he was a Nationalist

Who is his speech writer? Back in the 90’s in the realm of Hip-Hop journalism, the written word was so magnified across the industry that what a journalist wrote could very well cause him to be assaulted in the street. It wasn’t uncommon for some of your favorite 90’s rappers to be waiting outside of […]readmore


Black children can bring a backpack full of fear and

By Michael A. Johnson A Brooklyn, NY white woman dubbed “Cornerstore Caroline” calls the police on a Black child she falsely accused of sexually assaulting her. When, in fact, according to the store’s surveillance video, his backpack, unbeknownst to the child, “accidentally” brushed up against her. The boy is traumatized and confused, he begins to […]readmore

Real Estate

Channeling Outrage into Action on Behalf of Homeowners

As Mayor Bill de Blasio doubles-down in his defense of HPD’s (Housing, Preservation and Development’s) Third Party Transfer (TPT) program, Rev. W. Taharka Robinson will not relinquish ground in the fight against it. The mayor’s stance rated a higher level of attention recently as the City added co-op apartments to TPT’s aggressive oversight responsibilities (some […]readmore


The Best of Brownsville

By now, we should all be up to speed regarding one of the greatest boxing stories probably ever when we talk about Brownsville, Brooklyn native Daniel Jacobs. A man who has overcome the odds and has been through so much. In 2011 during a USO in Iraq, Jacobs’ life would change forever. It was there […]readmore

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Community Calendar

Friday, October 26th Philosophy and Religion in Africana Traditions @ CUNY Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Ave., Manhattan, 10AM-6PM, FREE. The theme of this fifth annual conference is: “From Mass Incarceration to Universal Education: Unlocking the System.” Today’s topics and presentations include: “DuBois’ Anticipation of Mass Incarceration…”, “Nightmares Beneath the American Dream,” “Understanding Black Music: A […]readmore