Day: October 16, 2018

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Change is the Constant And then right in your face in Fort Greene/Clinton Hill, a national coffee chain sees the critical mass of potential customers has been reached and puts the certification on the ‘change of neighborhood’ notice to the area with their presence. It will be interesting to see the effects of a national […]readmore

Community News

Getting NYCHA Housing in the Black

“NYCHA is in a crisis. Therefore, up-to-the-minute stats on each building is required. We don’t have the day-to-day Comstats. It will take new people, new management systems and data-driven work to help struggling New Yorkers. Let’s go building by building and fix the greatest infrastructure that was ever built.”—NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer True to its […]readmore

What's Going On


The prestigious Nobel Peace Prize was awarded last week to Iraqi Nadia Murad, 25, and to Congolese Dr. Denis Mukwege, MD, 63, two soldiers in the front line of battle against sex abuse of women. A few days later, the US Senate confirmed Judge Brett Kavanaugh, an individual with clouds over his character, to the […]readmore

Thinker's Notebook

The New Starbucks and The Ghost of Cookie

Thirty years ago, there was a supermarket that sat right at the intersection of Lafayette Avenue and Grand Avenue. It was called Dan’s Supermarket. A laundromat sat next to it. That supermarket was an intersection of our community. Neighbors that owned brownstones would shop there. Neighbors from nearby Lafayette Gardens Housing Project would shop there, […]readmore


The Legacies of Two Women Interpreted by Two Women

The new production American Captives: Lena Baker and Sandra Bland, a social justice piece influenced by Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow, focuses on the lives and deaths of Lena Baker and Sandra Bland, two Black American women, who both died at the hands of the police state and an indifferent  U.S. judicial system. Activist-turned-victim Sandra Bland is more […]readmore


 2018 Yankees Wrap-up

It was quite the roller coaster-like season for the New York Yankees to say the least. There were extensive winning streaks to go along with some rough patches and key injuries. All and all, it added up to a 2nd-place finish and a 100-win season. This team had to deal with some adversity as the […]readmore