Day: June 12, 2018

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When the education of African-Americans was left in Black hands for the first generations out of slavery, there was an explosion of literacy and people were brought from having nothing to homeownership and self-employment exceeding their white counterparts. That was then according to Judge Albion Tourgee, speaking at The First Mohonk Conference on the Negro […]readmore

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ON RACE Just wanted to expand the Jarrett/Roseanne blog, its ramifications and Roseanne’s pink slip.     Checked Valerie’s biography and got the following, regarding the ire which she has aroused among right-wing American conservatives.    She was born in Iran on November 14, 1956 to African-American parents Barbara Bowman and Dr. James Bowman, MD, who headed a […]readmore

Community News

The Schools: A Tribute to Grace

In last week’s issue, the introduction to an essay requested by the Magnolia Tree Earth Center of Bedford Stuyvesant, Inc. for publication in Our Time Press was printed in its first-draft state. Our Time Press apologizes for the error. What follows is the piece as originally submitted.   By: Ms. Cheryl Ault-Barker – Principal, PS […]readmore

Thinker's Notebook

Thinker’s Notebook: This is Only A Test

I graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School in 1992. Here is how I got into the school. I attended Concord Elementary School, a parochial school that was housed inside of Concord Baptist Church in Bed-Stuy. I excelled in elementary school, so much so that I skipped the 5th grade, taking courses during the summer after […]readmore


Community Calendar!

Tuesday, June 12th  – BAADDDD Sonia Sanchez! Film Screening – Hudson Guild, 7:30PM 441 W. 26th St., MANHATTAN, FREE Documentary on living poetic legend and activist. Screening as part of “Selabrayson!” presented by Caribbean Film Academy in collaboration with the Luminal Theater. 212-760-9837 Tuesdays in June Ntozake Shange Play Reading Series “Family Night by Cassandra Medley” 6/12 “Baby […]readmore