Day: May 18, 2018


Community Calendar

Thursday, May 17th BlackTech Weekend Presented by Etsy, supported by Barclays – Brooklyn and Manhattan locations 6PM Thurs – 7PM Sat, May 19th Starting at $15 BlackTech Weekend is coming to NYC to connect with Black innovators, entrepreneurs and investors in tech, media and more! Among the presentations are: “The New Way In: Hybrid Roles at Tech […]readmore

View From Here

View From Here

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, addressing the graduating class of Campbell University School of Law in Raleigh, NC (see excerpts on page 8,) spoke about consequential decisions versus random events that occur in life. Mr. Rosenstein rightly says, “You cannot control random events,” as though the arise from the purity of chaos. That is not […]readmore

Black History

The Ballot or the Bullet (excerpts)

In honor of el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz aka Malcolm X’s birthday on May 19, 1925, below are excerpts from one of his more famous speeches, The Ballot or the Bullet. He was, as actor Ossie Davis said in his eulogy “Our Shining Black Prince.”  By Malcolm X April 3, 1964 Cleveland, Ohio Although I’m still a […]readmore

City Politics

Pols Anticipating Polls Make Marijuana Moves

“The grandchild of stop-and-frisk is marijuana arrests based on race”, said the Rev. Al Sharpton at a City Council hearing on Monday, May 14th. Many gathered were in agreement, including Council Speaker Corey Johnson, who will collaborate with Sharpton on remedies for the inequities in marijuana sentencing in New York City. “We have to make […]readmore

What's Going On


NEW YORK, NY Still dumbfounded by erstwhile NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, whom everyone thought would cruise into a third term and probably one day become governor.  The physical assault stories were hard to stomach but when I read that he called his Asian-American girlfriend “my brown slave,” I was appalled. Everyone wants his job, […]readmore

Thinker's Notebook

Who you Tellin’?

You read the one about the white woman who called the cops because a Black family was barbecuing in the park, right? Okay, how about the one where the white woman called the cops on three Black women that were renting an Airbnb next door? How about the one where the white college coed called […]readmore