Day: May 8, 2018

What's Going On


BREAKING NEWS USA: This is news and American culture.  The National Memorial for Peace and Justice opened last week in Montgomery, Alabama. Dedicated to “Black victims of white supremacy, the African-American Memorial and Museum honored the names of African-Americans who were lynched/died because of racial killings between 1877 to 1950. NY Times Editorial Board writer […]readmore

Community News

Herman Bell’s Release Brings A Lot to Light

The parole of Herman Bell last week after 44 years has released a 70-year-old man from prison – Shawagunk Correctional Facility in Ulster County – and unleashed a torrent of outrage from various quarters. Backlash comes unanimously from the family of one of the cops he was convicted of killing. Diane Piagentini, widow of one […]readmore

Community News

Gold Street May Be Named after Activist Journalist Ida B.

She was the gold standard whose memory may now reign over Gold Street. Not many people associate the name Ida B. Wells with Brooklyn, but that could soon change. Gold Street in downtown Brooklyn would be renamed in honor of the revered journalist and civil rights activist. According to the Brooklyn Heights Patch, Councilmember Stephen […]readmore