Day: March 8, 2018


Black Minds Matter March and Rally

Harkening back to the effort to institute the Curriculum of Inclusion of the 1980s, New York lawmakers state Senator Jesse Hamilton and state Assembly member Diana Richardson advanced legislation requiring the NYS Board of Regents to incorporate New York State’s Black History in the New York City school curricula for kindergarten to 12th grade. The […]readmore



With the 2018 NFL Draft a little over a month away, the New York Giants will have the second overall pick and many sources indicate they will indeed draft a quarterback. Or would they? In a previous story I did about a month ago, I touched on the fact that due to his age and […]readmore

City Politics

Right to Record Bill Reintroduced

NEW YORK, NY: Wednesday at City Hall, Council Member Jumaane D. Williams (D-Brooklyn), reintroduced legislation commonly referred to as the ‘Right to Record’ Act. The bill, which was initially introduced during the summer of 2016, can now be considered by the New York City Council in this term. The bill, now designated as Intro 721, and co-prime sponsored by […]readmore

Thinker's Notebook

How will you speak of what once was?

I am Old Brooklyn. Allow me to qualify this moniker for you. My mother was born in Kings County Hospital. She was raised at 1302 Pacific Street–living there from 1956 until we moved to Greene Avenue in 1990. My father was born in the Jewish Hospital that used to be on Prospect Place and Classon […]readmore

City Politics

Will the Runner-Up Prove to be the Remedy?

By Maitefa Angaza As we know, Mayor Bill De Blasio’s last choice for the new Schools Chancellor stood him up. So, we’d expect that this time, Bill De Blasio would think carefully about who he invites to the dance. He claims to have done his homework, even as word makes its way from Houston and […]readmore

World News

Invisibles: The Plastic inside us

By Dan Morrison and Chris Tyree It is everywhere: the most enduring, insidious, and intimate product in the world. Plastic wraps our meals and streamlines our cars. It clothes hipsters downtown and climbers on Mount Everest. It exfoliates and insulates. It transports sewage and delivers human blood. Look around your home – your closet, your […]readmore

View From Here

View From Here

Plastic Pollution “Tell me again about the time when people ate fish from the sea, grandpa,” pleaded the 7-year-old sitting at the feet of his great-grandfather looking back at the 2020’s when he was a boy. That was before the year of the conversion, 2050.   When the plastic equaled the fish and that was all […]readmore