Day: January 12, 2018

Community News

You Gotta Relax

Happy New Year! I know we’re already in the middle of January, but it’s good luck to say Happy New Year to friends and family the first time you speak to them in the new year. Just trust me on this. 2018 has started with a roar. We got a foot of snow last week, […]readmore

Community News

Ed Gordon vs. Omarosa at the NABJ Convention!

I could care less about the chilly reception that Omarosa received at the NABJ Convention in August 2017. It was to be expected. Everybody involved knew what that was!! NABJ knew before inviting Omarosa that she was a piece of work! Omarosa knew before she accepted the invitation that she was going to be asked […]readmore

What's Going On

OPRAH: 2020 PREXY Does Oprah Winfrey, still the first lady of American media, have higher ambitions like becoming the most powerful figure in the free world, the American Commander in Chief, the American Presidency.   It began with the Golden Globes Show and its Cecil B. de Mille Award acceptance speech, warning the audience that the […]readmore

View From Here

The only decent part of all the weekend Trump-related information barrage was seeing Rep. Steve Scalise recovering from being shot on a ball field last summer walking across the stage using hand crutches. Other than that, Dear Mother of God, what must the world think? The tell-all inside look at the Trump White House in […]readmore