Day: November 24, 2017


Eli’s time passing?

Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Lamar Jackson, Josh All and Baker Mayfield. Those are the top five quarterbacks who are expected to declare for the 2018 NFL Draft. The question that comes with these quarterbacks is which one of these talented arms will become Eli Manning’s successor when he is ready to hang it up? It […]readmore

News around the Web

Weeksville: Home to History

Weeksville is the four restored remnant 19th century buildings along the old Huntersfly Road; the families, including our friend Jeanne Hammond’s, who resided in the area in the 20th century; the historians James Hurley, Dewey Harley, Dolores McCullough, Patricia Johnson in the 1960’s, and, in these times, preservationists Joan Maynard (deceased) and Pamela Green, who […]readmore

Community News

Why Thanksgiving?

Growing up, we never celebrated Thanksgiving in our house. Yes, I did eat my share of turkey, macaroni and cheese and cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving, but we never celebrated Thanksgiving in our house. My father was raised as a Moorish-American, his father an astute historian who taught his children about the evils of early American […]readmore

What's Going On


NEW YORK, NY BROOKLYN:   NY1 TV News reports that the economic health of a number of historic Black churches in Bedford-Stuyvesant is on life support! Why, for the same reasons which haunted their Harlem counterparts: gentrification, declining church attendance, rising property values. An aside, remember the story about the Brooklyn bakery that only gave trick […]readmore

Health & Wellness

Doctors, Community Advocates Brainstorm on Increasing Awareness of Community Health

Healthy Marketing at the Heart of the Matter … Series of Health Symposiums Set to begin January 2018 Last Saturday, six medical doctors – with a combined 150 years of training, practice and research – dialogued with neighborhood advocates and leaders about strategies to get information to the community, and involve their participation in information-gathering […]readmore

National News

Thanksgiving Special Issue: Stolen Land, Stolen Labor Revisited

The following article, “The Case for Reparations: America’s Real Debt”, updates Our Time Press’ award-winning “Stolen Land, Stolen Labor: The Case for Reparations”, published in December 1997. Inspired by the messages of Queen Mother Moore at the First Black Political Convention in Gary, Indiana (1971) and Congressman John Conyers’ introduction of a reparations bill in […]readmore