Day: November 2, 2017

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Coffee with a Legacy of Self-Empowerment

David Robinson came to the offices of the International African Arts Festival this past Sunday, invited in partnership with the National Association of Kawaido Organizations (NAKO), and spoke about the creation of his Tanzanian coffee farm, the Sweet Unity Farms cooperative of four hundred small family farms he is part of, and expanding to trade […]readmore

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When the Maasai Comes to Town

The culturally historical neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant got a taste of southern Kenya as the world-renowned Friends of Sironka Dance Troupe graced Bailey’s Café last Friday. In conjunction with, and sponsored by the Bedford-Stuyvesant Museum of African Art, the troupe put on a performance that was as memorable as it was entertaining, and entertaining it was. […]readmore

What's Going On


NY ELECTIONS Next Tuesday, November 7, is Election Day and it is necessary to “get out the vote”, especially the Black vote. Consider it a rehearsal for the 2018 elections.   When voters stay home, you get a federal government like the one we have today, with the lowest popularity ratings ever! New Yorkers will vote […]readmore


Boys and Girls High School Complex: Three Options to Consider

Eighth-grade students hoping to attend a New York City public high school have until December 1st to submit their applications for round one of the process. The high school directory of over 400 schools should help parents and their students navigate the choices. An online version is also available. Since early September, high schools have […]readmore



By: J.E. Franklin In my recent dialogues with white theologians, it is unsettling to discover how far they are from acknowledging, or even recognizing, the white church’s role in having created the instrument which has brought forth on the world scene a New Adam. Whether we call him Anglo, Aryan, Afrikaner, Ubermensch or just plain […]readmore