Day: March 3, 2017

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Our Loss Is The Ancestors’ Gain: Aminisha Black – Gifted

By Maitefa Angaza An icon of New York City’s Black cultural community has joined the ancestors. Aminisha Black was one of the founders, in 1969, of The EAST, a groundbreaking cultural and educational organization rooted in the self-determination ethics of Black Cultural Nationalism. Her love/work contributions there – and afterward to the larger community – […]readmore

News around the Web

HBCU Listening Sessions at White House: ‘Very little listening’ |

“‘They started in church basements, they started in old schoolhouses, they started in people’s homes,’ says Marybeth Gasman, a historian at the University of Pennsylvania who studies HBCUs. ‘[Former enslaved African] were hungry for learning … because of course, education had been kept from them.’”   And in many instances, it still is. Education Secretary Betsy […]readmore