Day: November 17, 2016

National News

Veteran Washington Journalist Gwen Ifill Dies At 61

Gwen Ifill, one of the most prominent political journalists in the country, has died, according to PBS. She was 61. When she took the helm of Washington Week in Review in 1999, Ifill became the first African-American woman to host a major political TV talk show. Ifill covered seven presidential campaigns and moderated the vice presidential debates […]readmore

National News

Trump Win is no mandate

By Walter Smith, Publisher of New York Beacon   There are those who think Donald Trump somehow won a mandate on Tuesday(Election) night. He did not. This notion was proffered by House Speaker Paul Ryan, who said that the president-elect had “earned a mandate”, a notion seconded by Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager. In my […]readmore

Community News

Reporters & Bloggers Wanted

Our Time Press, a 20-year-old, award-winning newspaper in Brooklyn, is looking for reporting talent for both print and web.   If you have a journalism background and an itch to report on national, state and local issues you see affecting our neighborhoods as well as local events and recognition of local heroes, then you are […]readmore

News around the Web

Letter to the Editor: Sick With Rage

I called in sick the day after so that I could devote myself fully to wallowing. I avoided all news outlets. I was shell-shocked. I wanted to cry but lacked the energy for tears. It just didn’t seem possible. I was sad and disappointed. I’d cast my vote for Hillary Clinton with such joy and […]readmore

Community News

Free WI-FI is in Bed-Stuy!

Brought to you by LinkNYC and it’s 100% free! You can use the high-speed Wi-Fi, make a phone call to anywhere in the U.S., USB outlets to charge your phone or use any of the pre-installed apps on Link’s touch-screen tablet at no charge. It will provide access to city services, maps and directions, and […]readmore

Community News

Deed Theft Hits Home Hard

Flateau Realty brokers fall victim to heinous act; Cornegy, Community Leaders putting “all engaged in process on notice” The number of property owners falling victims to illegal transference of property ownership through deed theft is out of control. Since 2015, the New York City Department of Finance has investigated hundreds of cases. And some have […]readmore