Day: November 3, 2016

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Cumbo Calls For a Meeting Of Minds On Bedford Union

By Stephen Witt City Council Member Laurie Cumbo (Fort Green, Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights, Crown Heights) yesterday called on the other elected officials and stakeholders in the Crown Heights community to come together around plans to redevelop the Bedford Union Armory and not “kill the project” as some are calling to do. “Communities of color are […]readmore


Coaches Corner

Boys Varsity Soccer 10/30/2016: Midwood Hornets vs. Tottenville Pirates Midwood -1 Tottenville – 0 Tottenville Coach Ron Nathanson: It was a great game, we struggled all year to score, and it came up in this game as well. They got a lucky call on a free kick and it held up. I think we outplayed […]readmore


An Undefeated Showdown

By Eddie Castro The Erasmus Hall Dutchman came into last Saturday’s showdown undefeated at 7-0. The team faced a very tough task as they went head-to-head with another powerhouse team in Curtis, who also came in with a 7-0 mark. For both teams, this was without a doubt the most anticipated game of the year. […]readmore

What's Going On

WHAT’S GOING ON By Victoria Horsford

THE 2016 ELECTIONS On November 8, we will know if God continues to bless America. A week ago, polls projected a double-digit Hillary Clinton lead over Donald Trump. By Halloween, polls project that they are in a statistical dead heat. By October 31st, about 23 million Americans, 25% of the electorate, have voted. According to […]readmore

News around the Web

4 Reasons Not #VotingWhileBlack Is Dangerous

Parental discretion is advised, but imagine this a few months from now: the pained looks of fake composure and shock as the first black president, along with his illustrious first lady, stomach an inaugural ceremony for a guy who erected his white nationalist political empire on the false claim that said black president was born… […]readmore