Day: September 15, 2016


Love and Soccer

By Eddie Castro There is a new core in Brooklyn, a core that may open some eyes throughout our borough and perhaps the city when it comes to the women’s soccer team of Grand Street Campus. To ultimately build a core, chemistry is key, and that’s exactly what they have been working on. Before they […]readmore

What's Going On

WGO by Victoria Horsford

ELECTIONS 2016  Three down and one to go. Tuesday, September 13 was New Yorkers third outing to the polls this year and we are suffering from voter fatigue. The 2016 voter turnout in New York hit record lows. Hopefully, our interest was revived and we voted for some good progressive Democrats and African-Americans, whose numbers […]readmore

Community News

Raccoons Gentrify the Stuy

By Joanna Goodwin First the city was plagued by rats, and then came the bedbugs, the mosquitoes, now the raccoons. Again! Raccoons are often thought of as forest-dwelling creatures, but they can reach a very high population in cities. Last year, at least two raccoon families moved onto my block in Bed-Stuy. On September 8th, […]readmore

Community News Real Estate

Displacement Pushes Eastward in Bed-Stuy

By Akosua K. Albritton Perhaps longtime residents of Bedford-Stuyvesant can identify with Native Americans. Just as the indigenous people of this land were pushed westward across rivers and mountains to make space for the expanding United States territory, “Bed-Stuy homies” are being displaced from their homes. The hardest hit are those that rent. Take Linda […]readmore


Randy Weston: Artist-in-Residence at MEC

Legendary jazz artist Randy Weston — pianist, composer and lecturer — kicks off his yearlong Artist-in-Residency at Medgar Evers College with a master class from 5-7 p.m. on Tuesday, September 20. Joining him for the master class is Cuban percussionist Candido Camero. The program, open to the public, will be held in the Founders Auditorium […]readmore

View From Here

Regarding 839 St. Marks Ave

David Mark Greaves I grew up on the same block as the Dean Sage Mansion.  I never knew the name, we only thought of it as the house where the nuns lived. My mother told me how she enjoyed watching them in their habits, walking in a line up Brooklyn Avenue to St. Gregory’s School […]readmore