Day: August 14, 2016

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Why Black Lives Need to Matter Since Blue Lives Already

  By Professor Wallace Ford  The varying responses to the Black Lives Matter movement have been instructive and illustrative of what is still wrong in these United States. At various times the BLM movement has been described as “racist” (Rudy Giuliani), “silly” (NYPD Commissioner William Bratton) and that it “promotes cop killing” (Katie Pavitch). What […]readmore

City Politics

BDS: Bad for New York, Bad for Israelis and Bad

By New York State Assemblyman Walter Mosley / 57th Assembly District In a recent local editorial submitted by one of my colleagues who wholeheartedly expressed his support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement and why he believes this worldwide initiative against Israel for alleged crimes against Palestinians in Gaza justifies his current position. […]readmore

What's Going On

What’s Going On

By Victoria Horsford For almost 3 weeks, August 5 – 21, we will be bombarded with/by the Olympic Games. We North Americans get a break from the American blood sport, the pursuit of the American Presidency. It is a time to reflect and to witness American excellence. More than 10,000 athletes from more than 206 […]readmore


Who Believes in Me: Report Reveals the Negative Impact of

By Kristin Decarr, A recent report has detailed the effect that student-teacher demographic mismatches have on teacher expectations pertaining to how well students will perform in their classrooms. The report, “Who Believes in Me? The Effect of Student-Teacher Demographic Match on Teacher Expectations”, found that when black students are taught by a nonblack teacher, they are […]readmore

City Politics

Claims Receivers and Competitors Feast in Millions, While Federation Non-Profit

By MILTON G. ALLIMADI AUGUST 10, 2016 This article is the first in a series on Federation of Multicultural Programs, Inc. It was reported by Milton Allimadi, Carolyn Jenkins, and Michael Howard. It was written by Allimadi. Ousted executives of a Brooklyn-based non-profit organization whose clients are learning-disabled, claim their social services organization was unfairly […]readmore

Parents Notebook

Child Support Finances The Future

By Akosua K. Albritton The saying, “Children are the future”, is heard in many quarters of society, from church pulpits to school auditoriums, to City Hall chambers. Not only are they the future, but they are people living now. Unfortunately, some parents are not paving the way to a solid future for them when they […]readmore