Day: July 22, 2016

National News

My Take – Donald, Jr.

By Bernice Elizabeth Green Whether it is on some screen or at night, as of last night at the Republican National Convention, “His Eyes are on Another Prize???”   Trump may have trumped the agenda for 2020 in introducing his son to the international audience.   Seventeen years ago, July 16, John F. Kennedy, Jr., […]readmore

What's Going On

WHAT’S GOING ON By Victoria Horsford

THE WEEK IN REVIEW Last week’s WGO was the darkest, ugliest one of 2016 so far.   However, it was just a prelude to the violence and terrorism which has visited France, Turkey and the USA with tsunami intensity during the week beginning July 11.  On July 14, Bastille Day, a truck plowed into a crowd […]readmore