Day: July 7, 2016

What's Going On


  By Victoria Horsford   RIP:   ROSCOE BROWN   New Yorker extraordinaire Dr. Roscoe Brown, 94, died on July 2.  A Greatest Generation exemplar, Roscoe Brown was one of the Tuskegee Airmen, who were the first African-American military pilots in US history.  A squadron commander, Brown flew 68 combat missions and shot down two German […]readmore


 A Dream Come True

  By Eddie Castro Lincoln High School is well-known for producing some of the top basketball players to make it to the NBA. Players such as Stephon Marbury, Sebastian Telfair and Lance Stevenson. Once again, another chapter for Lincoln High is about to begin as Coney Island native Isiah Whitehead’s dream became a reality. Two […]readmore