Day: November 25, 2015

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The Suppressed Speech of Wamsutta (Frank B.) James To have

From The Southern Poverty Law Project: Three hundred fifty years after the Pilgrims began their invasion of the land of the Wampanoag, their “American” descendants planned an anniversary celebration. Still clinging to the white schoolbook myth of friendly relations between their forefathers and the Wampanoag, the anniversary planners thought it would be nice to have […]readmore

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Art Basel Miami Beach 2015 Stars  Brooklyn-based Leaders in World

By Nadia Fattah, Arts Writer, Our Time Press Pratt Institute and Mickalene Thomas, Brooklyn-based stars of the international art scene, play major roles in next week’s Art Basel Miami Beach 2015 event, December 3-6 in the historic “heart of Miami Beach.” This distinguished annual American show, this year, shows significant work from 267 leading galleries in […]readmore