Day: January 23, 2014

Community News

Angela Davis Gives Keynote Address at Brooklyn Academy of Music

Beyond the Dream: This year’s 28th annual celebration of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the Brooklyn Academy of Music hit, yet another home run, featuring on stage examples of the results of Dr. King’s work:  the borough’s first Black District (Ken Thompson) with the first Black Borough President (Eric Adams).   Highlights also […]readmore

Community News

Interfaith Board and State in mediation to save the medical

Both de Blasio and Cuomo express support for longtime Central Brooklyn hospital By Stephen Witt Interfaith Medical Center officials expressed cautious optimism late Tuesday night that a court-ordered mediation between two state agencies and the hospital will result in the facility not being shuttered. The mediation session between the Dormitory Authority of the State of […]readmore


The Peculiar Institution Persists Part 4

Slave Revolts Throughout all of the slave history of South America, the Caribbean and the United States, there were uprisings and rebellions.   In the United States, a few of the best-known were the Gabriel Prosser and Jack Bowler revolt of 1800 in Richmond, Virginia, the revolt led by Denmark Vesey in South Carolina in 1822, […]readmore

Community News

A Joyful Noise:

Joy Chatel Sounded Alarm to Preserve Downtown Brooklyn’s Rich Black History Surrounded by close family and friends after a battle with respiratory disease, Joy “Mama Joy” Chatel passed peacefully at Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn, NY. “Mama Joy is now an ancestor,” said her daughter Shawné Lee. Most known for her tireless activism in the community, […]readmore


Underground Railroad Sites in Brooklyn to See Now

by Morgan Powell Join me as I recall here a weeklong journey to see the places—both standing and vanished—where freedom seekers entered history.  As you read along, I encourage you to consider visiting some or all of these places.  We are living (2011-2015) the 150th Anniversary of slavery’s legal demise in America; the Civil War […]readmore


Attack the Act but Not the Child

While insults affect adults, somehow from the home to the classroom there seems to be some unspoken agreement that it’s OK to insult children.  Granted, it may have become so much of habit that we don’t recognize the remarks as insults, after all, they’re just kids and we (adults) don’t really mean any harm.  But […]readmore

What's Going On

The Chosen One

By Eddie Castro This week will mark another marquee week for the New York Yankees. After learning the fate of third baseman Alex Rodriguez a few weeks ago, the Yankees will save the $25 million of his salary for this year and can now focus on other team needs. All eyes will be on who […]readmore