Day: January 9, 2014

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Never Forget Part 2

Part 1: We Came Before Columbus Part 2 : Were the economic benefits to Europeans of owning African-Americans as chattel property? The returns must have been enormous. We see companies today traveling around the world seeking the most slave-like conditions they can find. Whether it’s 23-cents-an-hour in Haiti or a dollar-a-day in Malaysia, by buying labor so low […]readmore

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Music Widens Their World

Of Sphinx, They Sing: When the Black Women’s Leadership Council (BWLC) informed the Crispus Attucks Elementary School/CS 21 Principal Leslie Frazier (top row, far left) and Class 5-306 teacher Juanita Johnson (far right) of its desire to invite 20 fifth-graders to be their guests at the 10th Anniversary of the Sphinx Virtuoso performance at Carnegie […]readmore


When Tomorrow Comes: Young Brooklynites and the New Normal!

[Photo credit] The Green-Collar Economy: How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems by Van Jones East Flatbush, Bed-Stuy, Bushwick and East New York are home to Black Futurists. See how they’re leading us! Let us say: “We want to ensure that those communities that were locked out of the last century’s pollution-based economy […]readmore

City Politics

New Year, New City Administration

 By Mary Alice Miller If New Yorkers didn’t know that NYC’s first Democratic and progressive mayor in 20 years is a big deal, they found out when the de Blasio transition team announced that former president Bill Clinton would conduct the new mayor’s swearing-in. The announcement came one day after 1,000 inauguration tickets (set aside […]readmore