Day: August 29, 2013

Other News

The Dream at 50 Three Presidents Speak at Anniversary of

In a moment rich with history and symbolism, tens of thousands of Americans of all backgrounds and colors thronged to the National Mall to join the nation’s first black president and civil rights pioneers in marking the 50th anniversary of King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.  President Barack Obama urged each of them to become […]readmore

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By David Mark Greaves As we mark the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington for voting rights and jobs we see voter suppression laws going into place across the country and the unemployment rate for African-Americans remaining at twice that of whites.   After slavery, Reconstruction, Jim Crow and the Civil Rights struggles, it is […]readmore

Community News

Wellsprings of Faith Back to {Sunday} School …

By Bernice Green Small churches are bringing Sunday School back in full force.  And it’s not necessarily strict religious instruction youngsters are getting. According to a deacon at the Christian Community Baptist Church, 80 Van Buren St., shepherded by interim Pastor Barry Harris, “its values, focusing, music instruction, reading and so much more, the way […]readmore

City Politics

East New York Candidate Forum Disrupted by Candidate

By Mary Alice Miller Groups of supporters and community residents filled seats to support their favorite candidate at a 42nd District candidate forum hosted by United Community Centers. Confirmed candidates Chris Banks, Inez Barron, Prince Lewis, Nikki Lucas and Regina Powell took turns battling to make their case while delivering biting remarks at each other.  […]readmore

City Politics

Kings County Politics (KCP)

By Stephen Witt   Councilman Charles Barron Canarsie’s Old Boys Club Political pundits pummeling former Kings County Democratic boss Vito Lopez might do well to turn their pens toward new Kings County Democratic boss Frank Seddio. A case in point is the 46th District City Council race where Seddio’s former chief of staff and heir […]readmore


Hungry For More!

It is truly amazing how time flies as New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning prepares for his 10th NFL season. It has also been 10 years since coach Tom Coughlin took over for former head coach Jim Fassel.  Manning and the Giants go into the 2013 campaign with probably one of the most prolific offenses […]readmore

Parents Notebook

Children Learn What They Live – Teaching Afrocentric Values On

By: Aminisha Black The major cultural difference  between  Afrocentrism and Eurocentrism is “we” vs. “I”.  Seeing the world and assessing actions based on what furthers  the goal of the  group  rather than merely agreeing with an individual regardless of their status. Capitalism is the outgrowth of Eurocentric’s individualism.  A few profit from the labor of […]readmore