Day: August 8, 2013

Community News

Truth to Power

Statement by Comptroller Liu on behalf of our youngest learners, and those who teach them. Yesterday, August 7, 2013, City Comptroller John C. Liu stated the following in response to Mayor Bloomberg’s defense of the City’s poor results on state “Common Core” tests: “Despite all the spin, these results show that the Mayor’s focus on […]readmore

Parents Notebook

We Owe Our Children Family And Community

“It takes a village to raise a child” was at one time generally understood and practiced in African American communities.  That African tradition survived slavery.  Neighbors kept an eye out for youngsters and youngsters kept an eye out for adult neighbors, especially if they (the youngsters) were making mischief.  In recent years this communal child-rearing […]readmore


A Dark Cloud

On Monday afternoon, Major league baseball handed out several suspensions to players who were involved in the “Biogensis” case. 12 players were suspended for 50 games each ,which is a  standard MLB penalty for a first offense by major league baseball for taking performance-enhancing drugs.Notable players such as Nelson Cruz (Texas Rangers), Jhonny Peralta (Detroit […]readmore