Day: August 1, 2013


Workers: We Need a Living Wage!

Last week, hundreds of fast-foodworkers walked off their jobs in New York as part of an unprecedented week of strikes in seven cities across the country that’s hitting Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Milwaukee, Kansas City and Flint, Michigan. The workers, seen here on Fulton Street in Downtown Brooklyn, are calling for a $15 per-hour-wage, the […]readmore

Parents Notebook

The Parent’s Notebook: Exploring The True Three R’s (Responsibility, Relationships

In Memory of Trayvon and Kamau While thousands  marched  and rallied protesting the not guilty verdict bestowed upon George Zimmerman, (white,) in the murder of  17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida, another 17-year-old African-American youth,  Kamau Chandler, was  shot  and killed  on Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant’s Fulton Street on July 27 in an encounter with two Black males.   […]readmore