Day: May 26, 2012


On The Right Track with Diane Dixon

  Flo-Jo was MY True Friend:   It was 1984 at the Olympic Training Camp in Santa Barbara, California and a red Datsun 300ZX with the license plate 84GOLD pulled up to the practice track. A shy young woman stepped from the car and began to warm up with the USA’s sprint relay team. Brooks […]readmore

Other News

13-Year-Olds Targeted for Shooting Range Day Trips

Mothers, be very aware. As day bus trip season ramps up, someone got the bright idea to advertise Shooting Range out-of-state day trips for 13-year-olds. A full-color glossy poster promoting the Shooting Range trips was recently found on a tree near the intersection of Livonia and Rockaway Avenues.   The 11″-by-18″ glossy depicts several pictures […]readmore