Day: March 10, 2011

Community News

Devastating Cuts to Day Care Services

Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed FY 2012 budget paints a grim picture for all of New York City, especially for poor working parents and their children. ­Among many cuts proposed by the Mayor, the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) will eliminate 16,624 subsidized child care slots due to insufficient federal funding. Nearly 4,000 of those slots, or […]readmore

Other News

Police Beat

Pot sales bust More drug arrests Two 48-year-old men were arrested – one for marijuana possession and one for heroin possession on March 5, Police said.The two were standing on the southeast corner of Bergen Street and Franklin Avenue at about 1 pm when police members of the Street Narcotics Enforcement Unit (SNEU) moved in […]readmore

Other News

View From Here

One of the things American history glosses over is that the American Civil War was about money and how much can be made when there’s no cost for the labor, other than the minimum food, health and welfare, that would keep the labor alive.  The Civil War ended and the labor was freed, but the […]readmore


Bed-Stuy pols inspect Fulton Park Apartments

A who’s who of Bedford-Stuyvesant’s elected politicians made a surprise visit to a low-income housing complex to decry conditions, but tenants and long-time workers were divided on the conditions with many saying they have improved – not worsened. The only sure thing is the six-story, four building, 287-unit Fulton Park Apartments complex on Chauncey Street […]readmore