Day: February 24, 2011

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Moving the Civil Rights Message: Through Media and Song

Black History Month is often the time used to recognize and salute African-American pioneers and leaders. This winter – coupled with today’s advances in technology and emphasis on media — is also being used to bring to light the Civil Rights Movement and many of the injustices suffered through the Civil Rights Era. The recent […]readmore

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Docu-Series Breathes Life into Civil Rights-Era Cold Cases, New Meaning

Beverly Terry Last week, Investigation Discovery, partnering with the NAACP, hosted the premiere of  their new reality three-part investigative docu-series, ‘The Injustice Files’ with narrator/host, film-maker Keith Beauchamp at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Feb. 16th, 2011. The atmosphere was abuzz with anticipation, hundreds of guests flocked to the Schomburg Center to […]readmore

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Herb Boyd, Todd Burrough’s Civil Rights: Yesterday & Today Views

The 2008 election of Barack Obama to the presidency marked a watershed moment in American history. Given our country’s eventful—and at times, quite ugly—past, there were some who heralded the moment as America turning a corner on race relations, as though a single election signaled the end to injustices dividing our people and fulfillment of […]readmore

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An Open Letter to Deputy Chancellor Marc Sternberg

From Councilman Al Vann Regarding P.S. 308 Dear Chancellor Sternberg, It would be a tragic mistake if you were to recommend that the Panel for Educational Policy approve the co-location of another school within P.S. 308 – Clara Cardwell School. To your credit, representatives from your office presented the idea of a co-location to the […]readmore

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Divided Freedom Party

The Freedom Party, as it is constituted, held its platform convention smack dab in the middle of Black History Month. Though the nascent party fell 30,000 votes short of obtaining ballot status, supporters of the concept are forging ahead. A multi-point agenda was previewed by the central committee of the Freedom Party. It was then […]readmore

City Politics

Hot Air Blows in From Dallas

Pro-Lifers Cause Furor With Racist Billboard in SoHo            It is fitting that as Black History and Women’s History Month meet, the same consciousness that excluded both groups from the Constitution and behaved in ways that made those two months necessary, is still at work and has placed a billboard on 6th […]readmore