Day: November 30, 2010

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Small Business

“If you have a problem, the best thing you can do is look around the world and see what other people who had the same problem did to resolve that problem, and adopt these measures…” Malcolm X  “Message to the Grassroots” Robert Bridgers Prior to the ’70s, the retail environment was dominated by a fragmented […]readmore

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Police Beat: Crime Roundup in Central Brooklyn

79th Precinct covering Bedford-Stuyvesant By Stephen Witt 77th Precinct covering Crown Heights and Prospect Heights Man kills his mother A mentally unstable martial arts student brutally killed his mother with a samurai sword inside her Park Place apartment, according to police. The suspect, Michael Brea, 31, an actor who once appeared on TV’s Ugly Betty […]readmore


SPORTS: Defense Please!

By Eddie Castro As the first month of the NBA season is in the bag, the New York Knicks have come out the gates very slow once again. The team doesn’t seem to have chemistry on the court which is a concern for the Knicks front office as well as Spike Lee and fans. There […]readmore

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Who will Rescue the Children?

How many times must we be inundated with the actions of political power brokers who we, the people – the majority – elect to office and then retreat into silence or the trivial preoccupation of competing with and degrading those who don’t agree with us. And while we are intensifying divisions, the power brokers are […]readmore


At Witt's End: Two Moguls Talk Turkey About Diversity and

By Stephen Witt Mike Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch would make great street hustlers.   Especially with the three-card monte game these two media moguls are playing with the Department of Education’s chancellor job. The old “watch the green pea” trick comes after Joel Klein stepped down as chancellor two weeks ago and was replaced by Cathie […]readmore

Other News

John Liu takes aim at Bloomberg's DOE Contracts

By Andrew J. Hawkins Much like his predecessor, Comptroller John Liu has focused on contracts with the city’s school system as a way to check Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s wide-ranging power. The war began in early October, with news reports that the Department of Education was blaming the comptroller for delaying contract approval that would allow […]readmore


The Corporate Takeover: The trend for appointing CEOs to top

By Paul Thomas (The Guardian) The top positions in state education across the US – for example, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, recent chancellors Joel Klein (New York) and Michelle Rhee (Washington, DC), and incoming Chancellor Cathleen P Black (New York) – reflect a trust in CEO-style leadership for education management and reform. Along with […]readmore