Day: October 7, 2010


One Fish,Two Fish, Red Fish, New Knicks??

July 1st has passed and the leagues best players are still compensating in where they will be playing             basketball this coming season. As expected, all eyes remain on LeBron James, who has been the “cream of the Crop” of this year’s free agent class. James has had meetings with […]readmore


Come On Over Chris

The New York Knicks opened their Summer League this past week. Thus comes many questions about their current roster. With the Miami Heat on the horizon with the additions of LeBron James and Chris Bosh, just what moves will the Knicks front office make to improve for the upcoming season? In this summer’s free agent […]readmore


Give Him The Money

The New York Jets began training camp in Cortland, NY. Only problem is that the team may be in the mix of a crisis as their best defensive player and perhaps the best cornerback in all of football Darrelle Revis. Revis is currently holding out of camp, due to a contract dispute. Revis is in […]readmore

Other News

Harry Belafonte and Elsie Richardson Evoke Message of Medgar Evers

Medgar Evers College’s  40th anniversary Founder’s Day Alumni and Visionaries Dinner,Tuesday, September 28 — hosted by Dr. William L. Pollard, President of the College,  and the Medgar Evers College Community — was a wonderful tribute to how far the college has come since its founding. It  also was remarkable in its revelation, most notably through […]readmore

Other News

Q&A … with Councilman Al Vann

The late Reverend William Augustus Jones of Bethany Baptist Church had a favorite saying:  “You eat the king’s meat, you do the king’s bidding.”  Looking at the influence of hedge fund money in this past primary, where folks were eager to belly-up to the king’s buffet, rationalizing that the king’s bidding was best for the […]readmore

City Politics

Olanike Alabe, Renee Collymore and “Reality Check 2010”

One Perspective … Olanike Alabe, Renee Collymore and “Reality Check 2010” Many Americans have settled for the television reality show as a reflection of real life.  They also measure their own lives by the reality-show lives of the so-called real people who are “acting out” for the ever-present camera.  It’s the old Shakespeare line unplugged […]readmore


Students Rally in Support of Student Safety Act

The day before school was scheduled to open last week, students, parents, lawmakers and advocates gathered in front of Tweed Hall to address the looming police presence awaiting children in the hallways of their schools. The large crowd gathered to rally support for the Student Safety Act, a bill which would begin to address the […]readmore