Day: August 15, 2010


African Drums to Roll Like Thunder In Brooklyn

To describe the emotions stirred by music is a task which goes beyond words. To put the magic of drum music into words is an even more daunting task. Drums of Thunder is a unique musical experience which, for the first time in New York City, puts the spotlight on the African drum in an […]readmore

Parents Notebook

Parents Notebook: Empowering Children at Home

Power is synonymous with authority, control, influence, supremacy, clout or dominance.   Gubernatorial candidate Charles Barron articulates the mission of the Freedom Party as accessing power for the masses of people.  Gaining power on the political front will require unity and unity depends on  individuals’ ability to exchange capitalist-honed values from “What’s in it for me?” […]readmore

Other News

Primary Stands in 10th Congressional Race: Towns Withdraws Challenge to

What a difference a week makes! In the past seven days, Kevin Powell’s tax problems were revealed, Ed Towns’ returned from a congressional delegation overseas, and both parties found themselves in court. First things first: Congressman Ed Towns campaign withdrew a challenge to Kevin Powell’s petitions on Wednesday. Bernard Alter, attorney for the Towns campaign, […]readmore

City Politics What's Going On

John Sampson’s View from the Senate

It has been one year since State Senator John Sampson became Conference Leader through a negotiated settlement from last summer’s attempted coup. Representing the 19th Senatorial District for 13 years, Sampson has been a pivotal agent during the transition from Republican to Democratic control. Under his leadership, the Senate has instituted long-awaited reforms and recently […]readmore