Day: March 1, 2001


George Walters of Metro Exchange pulled our coat to the

At this meeting several parents made presentations and Chancellor Crew assigned a person from his office to more fully hear their concern.  Tireless activist Carol Taylor spoke on the topic of police in the schools.  because you are only allowed three minutes, her list of names of young men killed by police had to be […]readmore


Freedom's Journal – First Editorial

It is our earnest wish to make our Journal a medium of intercourse between our brethren in the different states of this great confederacy; that through its columns an expression of our sentiments, on many interesting subjects that concern us, may be offered to the public; that plans which apparently are beneficial may be candidly […]readmore


African American

Dear Reader: Many of you have commended OUR TIME PRESS for our stories on current, historical and local events.  The articles on reparations have been extremely well received and we are grateful for your comments and encouragement.  However, for the Month of March, we’re going to take a “commercial break” and tell you about our […]readmore