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At Wit’s End: Bloomberg’s Street Initiatives Updated

🕔13:11, 13.May 2011

Although there is great fun in skewering the Bloomberg Administration like a shish kebab at a Halal stand, there are a few things in which I agree with our billionaire mayor. Among these items is Hizzoner’s fanatical approach to putting

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Concerns Remain On Day Care Cuts Updated

🕔12:54, 13.May 2011

Mayor Bloomberg restored his plan to slash over 16,000 day care slots last week, but at least one City Council member is saying his figures don’t add up. Bloomberg cut the slots – that are a lifeline to working parents

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Black Films in New York City: A Couple’s Journey Updated

🕔10:49, 9.Dec 2010

By Lara Louise Telson Eighteen years ago, two young intellectuals set off to accomplish a nearly impossible task: create an international film festival in New York City about the black experience. In 1993, the African Diaspora International Film Festival (ADIFF)

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Green Movements Grow in Central Brooklyn Updated

🕔16:19, 2.Dec 2010

Last weekend, November 19-21, the first annual conference to forge food, farming and policy solutions for the Black Community convened at Brooklyn College in New York City, convening farmers, gardeners, activists, students and community leaders from across the nation and

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MacDonough Street Buildings Still Stand Updated

🕔16:56, 29.Jan 2010

New York City is a mosaic of stories.  And one of the most heartrending  yet heartwarming  can be seen in action on MacDonough Street, between Lewis and Stuyvesant Avenue in historic Stuyvesant.  It began early Wednesday morning, January 20, when

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The Brooklyn That Can’t be Bought…

The Brooklyn That Can’t be Bought… Updated

🕔07:23, 7.Nov 2009

  Mike Bloomberg’s first thoughts the morning after Mayoral election night might have wavered seamlessly between “ I won!” and “I almost lost!”  A bittersweet victory/defeat for the richest man in New York City, who lives in a world where

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Thompson Offers Comprehensive Economic Plan For All New Yorkers Updated

🕔16:32, 22.Oct 2009

     New York has had eight years of what mayoral candidate Bill Thompson calls a “barbell economy” that “created low-paying jobs with no benefits on one end, high-paying jobs predominately in finance and business services on the other, and very

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Passing Notes

Passing Notes Updated

🕔10:10, 14.Nov 2006

Ed Bradley, 65, a suave and streetwise reporter considered one of the best interviewers on television and the winner of 19 Emmy Awards for his work on 60 Minutes and CBS Reports, died of leukemia Nov. 9 at Mount Sinai

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