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At Witt’s End Updated

🕔14:03, 3.Mar 2011

When it comes to buffoons there is nothing worse than billionaire buffoons. That’s because when buffoons on a park bench or in a tavern makes an ass of themselves it’s usually good for a laugh. But a billionaire buffoon actually

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Educators Respond to China’s Ascendence and State of NYC Schools

🕔11:33, 9.Dec 2010

Commenting on the reports of China’s dominance in world education and New York State rankings that place the New York City schools at the bottom of all categories, educator Michael Hooper, chairman of Roots Revisited, said “We don’t have a

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The Brooklyn That Can’t be Bought…

The Brooklyn That Can’t be Bought… Updated

🕔07:23, 7.Nov 2009

  Mike Bloomberg’s first thoughts the morning after Mayoral election night might have wavered seamlessly between “ I won!” and “I almost lost!”  A bittersweet victory/defeat for the richest man in New York City, who lives in a world where

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