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Gov. Paterson Impresses Diverse Audience at Brooklyn Town Hall Meeting: Commands Moment, Impactful on State Budget Crisis Updated

🕔07:29, 12.Mar 2010

A confident Governor Paterson was well-received at a Town Hall meeting about the New York State budget at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall on Monday and no one can accuse him of sugar-coating the economic message.   Paterson began with a brief historical

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A Chairman’s Uplifting Homegoing

A Chairman’s Uplifting Homegoing Updated

🕔08:27, 9.Jan 2010

It was standing room only in the uppermost region of the Riverside Church for the homegoing service of Percy Ellis Sutton.  Giving the Personal Tribute, Reverend Jesse Jackson said, “The tallest tree in our forest has fallen,” calling Sutton an

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One Valiant Effort: Thompson Concedes Run for Mayor Updated

🕔07:08, 7.Nov 2009

                During his yearlong quest for Mayor, Bill Thompson faced the biggest multi-million dollar campaign juggernaut in municipal history. He did so with style, grace and a gentlemanly comportment. The Thompson campaign spent election night at the New York

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